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Collaborative research

We can help you with any IT-related research opportunity. Industry-funded projects come in all sizes and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether you are government, business, or a community organisation, collaborative projects are a cost-effective way of undertaking research. Plus, working with Monash University, you secure a competitive advantage with access to our extensive research expertise.

A useful and popular approach is to sponsor a postgraduate research student who can work on your research problem.
Projects range from the development of prototype software and hardware, to analysis of organisational structure - even to the development of archival systems for Indigenous communities.
Involvement can range from a six-month honours project to a three-year PhD project.

Success with government-funded initiatives

Collaborating with Monash University on research projects means that you benefit from considerable funding from the Australian government. Joint industry/university research schemes include Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants and access to Co-operative Research Centres.

With a very impressive and successful track record, working with us allows you to leverage on our success.

Venture capital, incubation and partnerships

Research and development drive growth in all areas of industry. If your company is able to exploit this quickly, you win a competitive advantage in global business.

Monash University has a high international profile, renowned for producing groundbreaking research. We have initiated and lead remarkable discoveries, as well as successful start-up companies. We are keen to work with any organisation interested in commercialising research with us.


The Faculty of IT offers business advice on possible strategies and technical solutions. Our researchers and staff act as paid consultants to industry and government organisations. They typically provide up to one day of consulting per week, and are paid a competitive hourly rate.

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